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What do I do if I am not satisfied with my order?
The Quality and Compatibility of our computer Cheques, Business Forms and other supplies are guaranteed 100% to work with your software. If there is any problem with your order, a Maple Consultant will work very closely with you and try to resolve the issue at the earliest. Please contact us within 7 business days of receipt of your order. We will be more than happy to assist you. We stand behind our products. We always want a satisfied customer.

What type of products do you sell on your web site?
Our website is full of information, you can see actual samples of Products such as Cheques, Computer Forms, etc. Ordering on the website is still not available but we are working on it.

What are your payment options and credit terms?
Our payment options include direct payment from your bank, VISA, MasterCard or (By Cheque only after credit approval).

Are there any "Additional" charges I should be aware of?
HST and shipping costs are not included in the quoted price.

What type of cheques do you make?
Laser Cheques
Continuous Cheques
Business Cheques

What is the difference between continuous or Laser (Sheet-fed) Form or Cheque?
Continuous cheques are for use with dot-matrix printers. These have tractor-feed on each side of the form and are continuously attached. Laser Sheet-fed cheques are for use with a Laser printer, Ink-jet and bubble-jet printers and are used for most of the computer software.

Why should I buy cheques from MAPLE?
Maple has been in business for over 20 years and is a Direct manufacturer of cheques and forms. Buying directly from us can save you substantial money because you are cutting out the middleman who adds up the markup and sells the product to you.

Will my Bank Accept the Cheques manufactured by MAPLE?
Yes Absolutely! Our cheques meet the CPA (Canadian Payments Association) guidelines in Canada, and ABA (American Bankers Association) guidelines in U.S.A. They come with 100% Money back guarantee.

For Which Banks do you make Cheques?
You name it! We manufacture cheques for every bank.

Do you make U.S Dollar account cheques?
Yes. U.S. Dollar accounts as well as U.S accounts. You simply provide us with either a previous voided sample or MICR specification sheet from your bank branch.

What Security features do you offer?
Our cheques carry the best security features to deter fraud. Micro print, water mark, Back printing, endorsement position, Padlock, Warning Band, Void feature, etc.

What do I have to provide you with, while placing a Cheque order?
You simply provide us with either a previous voided Cheque sample or if it is
a new account get an MICR specification sheet from your bank branch.

Why Shouldn't I buy my cheques from the Bank?
Banks do not manufacture the cheques themselves. They act as the middleman only and get the cheques made by other sources. This causes a mark up in the price you pay for the cheques.

Do you make Cheques for Accounting Software?
We manufacture Cheques and forms for over five hundred software packages, e.g QuickBooks, Quicken, Simply Accounting, Accpac, DacEasy, Easy pay, Business Vision, MYOB, Money, PCLaw, Tennant Pro, Lone Wolf etc. and many more. Ask about your software package and you bet it that we have it.All of our forms are guaranteed 100% to be compatible with your accounting software or we will reprint or refund your money.

Can You Design any kind of form for software?
We can design any kind of form to fit the print out from your software and our expert staff will make sure it fits exactly.

What are the colours available for Standard security cheques?
Blue, Teal (Greenish), Burgundy.
These colours are choosen to maintain the security features of the cheque.

In how many colours you can print Cheque or Forms?
We can print Custom Cheque or Form in multiple colours of your choice.

I have seen the Maple web site, my cheque or form doesn't look the same as shown on the site?
Maple web site have only the standard security cheques or forms, please contact us to get more help. We can do any kind of cheque or forms.

Can you match the design of my cheque or forms?
Yes, we can match to your original cheque or forms.

How can I customize my cheques or forms?
Yes, our design department offers a broad range of customization alternatives. Custom design allows you to desing the colour, borders, backgrounds, custom logos, an overall visual impact that best reflects your company's approach to visual design.

Can I use my company custom logo?
Yes, you can easily add a logo to your cheques, forms or any printed material. You can send your logo through our electronic upload area.

Can you print Multi part Continuous Forms?
Yes ! we can print continuous forms from single copy to seven parts forms for your dot-matrix printer.

Why I should buy preprinted Laser form, when I can print it on my Laser printer?
If you check the cost of Laser or ink-jet cartridge you will be shocked. Don't forget the wear and tear of your printer. And now add the cost of paper also. Now compare the cost of printing your own form vs. buying from us. Actually it is much cheaper to buy preprinted forms, quality of preprinted forms is much superior than any laser printer resolution. And you have choice to buy the form in coloured ink also.

Can you manufacture Multi part carbon-less forms glued together?
Yes! We can design and produce any kind and in any size the form, Usually these glued forms are known as "Snap-set" forms.

Can you print forms for my register machine?

Yes! We have some designs on our web site and we can design any for your particular need also.
Can you print exact match to my form or cheque , what I am using right now?
Yes! We can exactly match your forms.

Can you design a new form for my Software or hand written application?
We have the complete graphic design services in house to produce and design any kind of printed material.

Do you have Equipment to print Colour work?
Yes ! we are capabale of doing multi colour brochures, pricelists and any other marketing material, you need at a very reasonable price.

Do you print labels?
Yes! We do.

Can you design a new logo for our company?
Our graphic designers are very creative and produce very pleasing logo to enhance the image of your company.

Can you print my company logo on my products?
Yes, all we need is clean black and white artwork, or a digitized company logo.

How I can send my logo to you for printing?
You may send us your logo/artwork either as an email attachment.

Can you design a colour brochure for my company?
Yes, we have an experienced team of graphic designers to put and kind of Colour Brochure from concept to finish.

Can you print Stationery?
Yes ! we design and print stationery in flat or raised printing. e.g: Letter head, Business Cards, Envelopes.

Can you do foil stamping on Stationery?
Yes, we can foil stamp or do embossing on stationery.

Can I use raised printing letterhead in laser printer?
Yes, we have a special process to print raised printing for laser printers.

Where I can find the list of the software?
Select a product by clicking on the drop down menu above, and then select the product type. If your product works with a software, you will be shown a list of compatible software for that product.

My software is not listed. What should I do?
Maple has the products available for 99.9% of the software packages on the market today. But all are not listed. Click here for help.

Can you design the products for my custom software?
Sure, we can design the product for your custom software written either in DOS or Windows?

Maple Printing is a Direct Manufacturer of Cheques, Envelopes and Labels in Toronto, Canada and the United States
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